Hao-Ping Chen, Ph. D. / Associate Professor

Hao-Ping Chen

Degree: Ph.D., Univ. of Cambridge (1998)

Expertise: Chemical Biology, Microbial Genomics, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, Enzyme and Coenzyme Chemistry

Tel:+886-3-8565301 #2433 / 2434 [lab]

Office/Lab: D403 / D411

E-Mail: hpchen@mail.tcu.edu.tw

Lab website: http://hpchen.weebly.com/


Hui-Chun Li, Ph. D. / Associate Professor

Hui-Chun Li

Degree: PhD, Biology Department, Florida State University, USA

Expertise: Protein structure and function relationship

Tel:+886-3-8565301 #2426/2427

Office/Lab: D404/D412

E-Mail: huichun@mail.tcu.edu.tw

Lab website: http://www.huichun.tcu.edu.tw

Je-Wen Liou, PhD / Associate Professor

Je-Wen Liou

Degree: Imperial College London

Expertise: Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Nano-Biomedicine, Protein and Peptide Chemistry

Tel:+886-3-8565301 #2428/2429

Office/Lab: D434/D425

E-Mail: jwliou@mail.tcu.edu.tw

Lab website:http://www.jwliou.tcu.edu.tw

Shin-Jong Jiung, Ph. D. / Associate Professor

Shin-Jong Jiun

Degree:Ph.D. National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Expertise: Cell Biology, Angiogenesis, Molecular Biology, Immunology

Tel:+886-3-8565301 #2432/2431

Office/Lab: D406/D609

E-Mail: sjjiang@mail.tcu.edu.tw

Lab website: http://www.sjjiang.tcu.edu.tw/

Shih-Yi Peng, Ph. D. / Associate Professor

Shih-Yi Peng

Degree: Ph.D. National Yang-Ming University, Taiwan

Expertise: Molecular Diagnosis, Parasitology

Tel:+886-3-8565301 #2045/2046[lab]

Office/Lab: D616/A303-1

E-Mail: pengsy@mail.tcu.edu.tw

Lab website: http://www.syp.tcu.edu.tw/